• Awesome Scented Skirt!

The most amazing Spinnerbait

The Secret is in the Skirt...


At Gimmie Lure Co. TM, our family loves fishin’ in God’s beautiful outdoors.  We proudly offer a unique, bent-arm spinnerbait fitted with a flirtatious skirt that will drive the fish crazy. Gimmie SkirtsTM are made in the U.S.A. from a unique, durable, synthetic material that stretches far beyond ordinary silicone skirts. This skirt really gets the attention of fish as it dances about in the water. To make our lure even more attractive, the hand-tied Gimmie SkirtsTM are dyed a variety of colors and scented using the perfect perfume provided by JJ’s MagicR . Our unique .040” bent arm is freakin’ strong and places the blades, which are attached with a stainless steel five ball bearing swivel, in proper alignment with the laser sharp, upward-pitched hook. This allows for maximum vibration and hook-up when Big Daddy flirts with the skirt. That’s why our friend Uncle Marv says, “Flirt with the skirt, and you’ll get caught.”

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We here at Gimmie Lure Co. are just one big crazy family (who somehow happen to make awesome lures). And now you can be part of the Gimmie Crew with our new Gimmie Caps.

We took our world-class logo and slapped it on the front of a hat just for you.

Whether you wanna look cool in your stool while fishin’ out of your boat like Uncle Marv and Swiggle Big

Rock it out like Ben Jammin’ and Hotty Scotty while singin’ to the fish with your one string flippin’ Gimmie Stick…

Chill out on the lake in the shady spots like Big Mama or Sista Shad

Test your luck like Lucky Chucky on the beautiful St. John’s River…

Take a cruise in the famous Gimmie Boat like Big Daddy, searchin’ for that secret honey hole in his favorite lake in Central Georgia…

Or even not give a poot like Shooter Pooter and just sit on your Gimmie Seat at Daytona Beach sippin’ a cool glass of iced tea out of your Gimmie Cup…

There’s a Gimmie Cap for you.

With 12 styles and colors in structured and unstructured versions to choose from, you can show off some of that Gimmie Swag with your very own Gimmie Cap.

Welcome to the Gimmie Crew!