Fishing Life Lesson #1: The Benefit of Hard Work

If you’ve been fishing long enough, you probably already know you can learn some serious life lessons while spending time with those slimy little creatures (no, I’m not talking about your fishing buddies).

And one of the first lessons that fishing probably can ever teach you is: If you want something, you have to work for it.

You can’t just stand on the side of the lake and expect fish to jump into your open arms. (I know fish don’t seem that smart, but even they have some standards.)

If you really want to catch some fish, you’ve got to at least get out your fishing pole and stick it in the water.

Putting a Gimmie lure on said pole could also help you catch even more fish. (Just saying.)

Anyways, I think you get my drift.

The more effort, time, and work you put into fishing, the more fish you’ll get.

Why do you think professional fishermen are so good at fishing?

It’s because they spent years perfecting their technique, studying all kinds of fish, and practicing over and over again until the fish just seemed to swim up to them whenever they willed it.

The same goes for everything else in life.

If you want the world to hand over something to you (for example, fish), then you’ve got to give something in return (fishing).

So, put on those big boy and girl pants, and fish on!

Because whether or not you can see it now, one day you will reap what you sow.


Happy fishing!

From: The Gimmie Family

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  • Luckey Chuckey November 29, 2016  

    Nothing is free. You even have to open the door if someone knocks. If not you missed them Or (God).
    Luckey Chuckey