Point of Contact


What is a fishing lure?

A way to catch fish?

A shiny thing?

. . . Something you can get your ear hooked on?

While a fishing lure is all of those things, to the Gimmie Crew it means a little bit more.

We believe that it has the power to connect people who are miles apart from one another. Even people who have never even met.

Recently, our adventurous friend John Hasford had to go to Maryland for work. (Don’t worry, work didn’t ruin the adventure).

So he took the time to check out St. Mary’s Lake.

While he was there, he actually met a guy he had been watching on YouTube, Darren Reinhart, and so John started telling him about Gimmie (surprise, surprise).

The next time John went to St. Mary’s Lake, Darren was already out there fishing, so John decided to leave him a little Gimmie present (a card and a lure).

With that same lure, Darren ended up catching his biggest fish yet.

Later, John decided to go fishing with a Gimmie Smokin’ Shad swim bait, with a grandfather and his grandson fishing on the side of the lake.

After catching 2 fish within 3 casts, John decided to give the lure he was using to the grandson and, once again, talked about Gimmie Lure Co. (What else did you expect?)

After giving up his smokin’ shad, John switched over to his Gimmie 3.5” Swim Minnow, and it was on!

All of a sudden out of nowhere, John thought he had caught the Loch Ness monster, and that big ol’ bass started shooting towards him like a torpedo.

John hauled his catch into his kayak, and brought it over to the grandfather and grandson to see if they had a scale.

And when John held that fish up in the air, the granddad jumped straight into the water he was so excited.

About the same time that Darren caught his personal best, John also caught his personal best: an enormous 10 pound bass.

Not only did a fishing lure catch two men their own lifetime memories and accomplishments that they can hold onto forever, but it also created points of contact that have the ability to forge friendships between people who had only just met.

The lure even created a memory that the grandfather and grandson can hold onto for years to come.

That’s the reason we create fishing lures.

So that YOU can have your own point of contact.

So then, what kind of memories and relationships will you form with your Gimmie lure?