Gimmie wet lures!

Fish don’t get hooked on dry lures. Never have I seen a fish jump into a boat, wrestle open a tackle box, and swallow a hook. It is the fisherman or fisherwoman who opens the tackle box, selects a lure, carefully places it on the end of the line, and launches it just past a stump or log. The lure is still for a moment, twitches slightly, and begins to make its way back from the log. It pauses at the log as if to tease the lunker lying below. Then it begins its swim back to the fisherman. Whoosh! The lure is gone, and in its place is a fighting fish. There is also a fighting fisherman. It’s on!

Many hundreds of years ago, a fishing clinic took place near the shores of a large lake. A boat load of night fishermen were discouraged after an all night raid on what appeared to be empty water. Their tackle was in the boat. They may have been dreading the question from the guys on shore, “Catch anything?” But the voice coming from shore had a different message. It seemed a little presumptuous for this non-fisherman-looking fellow to tell them to keep fishing. But he told them to put their nets back in the water.

Maybe Jesus just wanted to bless the fishermen with a boatload of fish. He could have wanted to help their discouragement disappear and be replaced with big laughs as the crew strained to haul in the nets with the boatload of fish flouncing inside. That’s reason enough for the clinic. But maybe there is more. Maybe Jesus was teaching us all that we don’t catch fish with dry tackle. Maybe he was saying we have to keep the tackle in the water. Yes, even when we are discouraged. Yes, even when we are exhausted from efforts we have made again and again. The nets, the hooks, whatever—the tackle has to be in the water to catch fish.

So—gimmie wet lures. Gimmie lures look great in the packaging. They’re awesome when we open them and admire them in our hands. Hanging on the rod, they look like dynamite with the promise of an explosion in the water. But there’s no explosion until they are in the water!

Some of us have fishing tackle hanging around in our lives. We have not taken a good look at it in a long time. It may represent an earlier period in our lives. It may be a study Bible with notes we have not read in a while. What would it be like to open it up and see what the master fisherman might have to say. Maybe there are some thoughts hanging out in your mind. Thoughts of an earlier time when it was easier to speak of the Lord Who loves you so much He chose to claim you as His before He made the worlds. Your Bible, your thoughts. There may be more dry tackle in your life.

If you need fishing lures to fill a live well and to reward those who are looking to you to keep them out of the fish restaurant, Gimmie Lures can help you. We are thrilled to provide what we believe to be some of the best boat-loading lures available. And if you will let us help you with those, please know that we appreciate your business. Please tell your friends about us, and please come back for more of Gimmie’s flashy lures.

But if you would like to know more about the master fisherman who held that shore-side fishing clinic, let us help you there too. We heard him when he said to us, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” We keep learning more and more about what that means, and our lives keep getting richer.

At Gimmie Lures, we fish for fish, we fish for men, we fish for faith, we fish for families, and we fish for fun. Come join us! And don’t forget—it’s the wet lures that catch the fish!

by Daniel M. King, Sr.

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