Gimmie Jesus

What are you hooked on? What catches your attention? At Gimmie Lure Company, we love to fish, but we know that faith in Jesus is more important. It is our strongest desire to see others find hope, love and salvation through Christ.

A Gimmie Father’s Day

Throughout our lives, we have many family members, but one of the most important is a father. A good father is the head of his household; someone who provides, protects, and loves his family, all at the same time. He isn’t always perfect, but he tries his utmost to help his children thrive as they travel down the path God has laid out for them. Some dads are fans of that famous tough love, while others can be complete goofballs most of the time. But when it comes to their families, all great dads are seriously loyal until the very end.

Some of my fondest memories are of my father, Shannon Anderson. When my little brother Ben and I were younger, Dad would tell us a story every night before we went to bed. I remember the times we would go fishing or just hang around the house laughing. But what I remember most about my father is that he never gave up on us. No matter how many times we have fallen or messed up, he has always been there to scold us if needed, and then remind us that he loves us just the same.

Whether the father in your life is your biological one, an uncle, a grandfather, a friend, or even God, your Father in heaven, take the time on Father’s Day to honor him.

Here’s to the dads…

Happy Father’s Day.


by Sierra Anderson

Gimmie Mama reels in a Big One!

Here at Gimmie Lure Co., we’re always looking for ways to help our customers catch that once-in-a-lifetime fish, and Gimmie Mama did just that when we went fishing on the St. John’s River in Florida.

She had simply been lounging around and primping her hair in the boat while everyone else fished… until I got tired of fishing with her pink rod and gave it back to her. She put it into the water and immediately got hooked on something.

Mama kept telling Gimmie Dad that she thought she had a fish on the line, but he figured she was just hooked on a log (which she is known for in our family). Finally, Dad turned around and realized that she did in fact have a fish pulling on the line, but he only expected it to be a small fish since it wasn’t pulling very hard.

That is, until a 7-pound, 9-ounce bass shot its head out of the water, and it was on! Mom jumped around screaming with joy, Ben just sat there with his mouth hanging open in disbelief, I didn’t know what to think, and Dad about fell out of the boat trying to get the fish on board. And suddenly, a retired music teacher, who is pretty much the glue that holds our family together, became the new Gimmie fishing master with her pink rod and Big Mama Spinner Bait, custom-made for the St. John’s River.

It’s moments like this that we long for you, our beloved customer, to have. Whether you’re young, old, a fishing expert, or even have no earthly idea what you’re doing, we want everyone to experience the freedom and enjoyment of fishing and the excitement of catching a once-in-a-lifetime fish. So… what kind of fish will you catch with your Gimmie lure?


by Sierra Anderson

Hello Gimmie Fans!

Gimmie Lure Co. hand-makes (you guessed it) fishing lures right here in the United States of America. Each lure is hand-dyed with J.J.’s Magic, resulting in one of the most breath-taking lures you’ll ever see. Whether you’re on vacation near the water, having a fun family outing, going for the gold in a competitive fishing tournament, or even just enjoying some well-deserved R&R; we strive to give you a one-of-a-kind lure worthy of your time. We’re super excited to connect with you and help you create those memories that’ll last a lifetime!

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